Penguin Telegard

Penguin Telegard is an attempt at nostalgia; I have ported a chunk of the old, DOS-based BBS package to Linux. The source is in Pascal, so you will need the (very good) toolchain from the Free Pascal website.

This project is currently not being worked on, but volunteers that would like to tackle it are always welcome.

What works:

What doesn't work:
(of those, only the message base thing is a crashing bug.)


Penguin Telegard is public domain software. Do as you like with it. That is, my changes to Telegard source base ("Penguin Telegard") are public domain. Telegard itself falls under whatever license it uses, if it has one at all. There's some belief that the source code to Telegard was never meant to be released, but I can't imagine anyone cares at this point.


Prepackaged source code:

Downloading from Mercurial:

Telegard's source code may be downloaded using Mercurial (aka: "hg"). Hg allows you to get up-to-the-minute fixes and enhancements; as a developer works on a source tree, you can use hg to mirror that source tree instead of waiting for an official release. Please look at the Mercurial website for more information on using hg.

Here is the web interface to Penguin Telegard's Mercurial repository.

To download Penguin Telegard via Mercurial:

hg clone

Maintainer Wanted:

Generally speaking, I'm not interested in working on this project anymore. If anyone is willing to take up the slack and become the official maintainer, I'll be more than happy to provide webspace, source control, shell, email, finger, and any other reasonable services you'd like to make your development easier and more rewarding. At any rate, I am, of course, always happy to answer questions and give help.

If you are interested, just email me.

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